Notion Marketing CRM

If you’re looking to build a CRM in Notion for your marketing agency, you’re in the right spot. By using Notion to build your CRM, you can create the custom marketing CRM that you need in your favourite tool.

Notion Marketing CRM

If you’re looking to build a CRM in Notion for your marketing agency, you’re in the right spot. By using Notion to build your CRM, you can create the custom marketing CRM that you need in your favourite tool.

Features of a Marketing CRM

A marketing CRM can be used to manage customer relationships from marketing enquiries, through proposals, deliverables and ongoing retention. The main features of your Notion CRM will be:

  • Instructions on how to use the CRM
  • Input new marketing sales enquiries
  • Track marketing sales leads from enquiry through to sale
  • Track ongoing conversations with clients
  • Remind your staff to follow-up clients
  • Manage marketing tasks
  • Plan meetings within your agency
  • Store client contact information
  • Segment marketing clients for marketing
  • Client dashboard
  • Mobile app access so you can view your CRM when you’re out of the office
  • Marketing asset management


Do you need a Marketing CRM?

CRM software ensures that you keep track of all your sales, service and marketing needs. By setting up a marketing CRM, you can be confident that your team is keeping track of new leads, following up with customers, improving customer experience in your agency and delivering the best service possible. You can do some follow-up using your memory & your address book but this quickly becomes impossible when you’re managing dozens or hundreds of marketing clients. That’s where having your own custom marketing CRM provides the biggest benefit.


Notion Marketing CRM Template

For some businesses, it’s easier to buy a Notion template and use this as the framework for their own marketing agency CRM. We’re currently working on a comprehensive Notion Marketing CRM template – join our waitlist so you’re the first to know when it launches.


How to build your own custom Marketing CRM in Notion

An excellent way to learn Notion is to have a training session with a Notion consultant so you can learn the best practices for building a CRM that is suited to your unique business requirements. We’re currently working with a few Notion consultants who run paid online training with video chat. If you’re interested in building your own CRM and learning all the best Notion tips, hacks and skills along the way, book below on the form shown further down the page.


Marketing CRM alternatives

Notion is an excellent way to create a lightweight, simple CRM for your marketing agency but sometimes you need features that Notion can’t provide. Our top picks for Notion alternatives for your CRM are:

  • Pipedrive – set up your marketing sales pipeline with extra features like email integration, custom workflows and call tracking.
  • OnePageCRM – a simple CRM for your agency that focuses on the next action your staff should perform.
  • CapsuleCRM – a clean, well-designed marketing CRM that can track all your clients across their life cycle.
  • Nimble CRM – a comprehensive marketing CRM that excels in lead generation through online connections.




💰 Can you create a free CRM using Notion?

Yes, you can create a free CRM on the Notion Personal plan. You’ll have a limit of up to 1,000 blocks of content (paragraphs of text, to-do item, image etc). If you’ve got a smaller number of clients, you can build your own free CRM using Notion. Upgrade your Notion plan to the Team plan if you need more blocks or more advanced permissions.


📓 What are the limitations to using Notion as a simple CRM?

All CRMs have limitations and using Notion as your marketing CRM comes with constraints that might not suit all users. As you’re custom-building your CRM, you need to ensure that the framework is set up properly and a badly-configured CRM can cause plenty of issues down the track. Notion has limited features around scheduling, emailing, call recording, web-clipping, universal search and note-style but these may not be features that you need for your small business.


💁 I need a Notion consultant to help me build my CRM

You’re in the right place. We’ve got relationships with some of the best Notion consultants and ambassadors and can organise a paid online video meeting so you and your team can learn Notion and build your marketing CRM together. Add your details below and we’ll get you booked in.


💵 Notion CRM pricing?

Notion has a generous free plan (called Personal) that allows you to start learning and working in Notion for free. When you’re ready to bring in team members, set up specific access permissions and build larger projects out in Notion, they have a Team plan for $US8 per person per month. See all their pricing details here.


🤔 I’ve got another question…

Let us know what you need help with and we’ll be happy to help.